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medication management

PGXperts PRiM is a digital medication management system that supports healthcare professionals in reviewing complex medication scenarios in order to increase drug therapy safety.
Increasing demands on quality and efficiency require innovative solutions, seamless integration into the existing IT infrastructure and direct connection into the telematics infrastructure. Equally important is eligibility for KHZG (Hospital Future Act) funding to ensure cost effective implementation.


Always in control of complex medication scenarios

Patient safety is the top priority when prescribing medication, as side effects or treatment failure can have serious consequences. Pharmacogenetics is a new factor to be considered. Every person metabolizes particular drugs differently, which is why the effect of medications depends on individual genetic makeup. In addition, individual risk factors such as genetics, allergies, laboratory values as well as dosage, interactions and drug interactions must be taken into account, especially in multimorbid patients.


An optimized medication process benefits everyone

PGXperts PRiM offers efficient medication management over the entire care pathway using a digital drug therapy safety pathway to ensure the best possible patient care. The intuitive handling guides users safely through the entire process. Avoiding medication risks not only increases patient well-being, but also avoids potential follow-up costs and reduces the workload of medical staff.


Seamless integration into your IT infrastructure

As a web-based application, PGXperts PRiM guarantees efficient integration into your IT infrastructure by supporting the HL7 and FHIR standards. The connection into the telematic infrastructure enables access to the electronic patient record (ePA), the generation of the electronic medication plan (eMP) and e-prescription.

We are eligible for KHZG-subsidies

PGXperts PRiM is seamlessly integrated with the VMobil electronic patient record from ADVANOVA GmbH Together with a KIS, PGXperts PRiM fulfils the requirements of KHZG funding category 5: Digital medication management
Don´t hesitate to contact us and take advantage of the subsidy.

Discover PGXperts PRiM

PGXperts PRiM fully digitizes medication management in your organisation and assists the reviewing of drug therapy safety.

Highest quality standard for clinical routine

PGXperts PRiM was developed in compliance with a certified quality management system according to EN ISO 13485.

Personalised medication with pharmacogenetics

Pharmacogenetics allows determination of the metabolization type, thus predicting the individual effect of a medication, and enables personalised medication for each patient.

Customisable medication management

Using a digital and configurable drug therapy safety pathway, workflow steps can be adapted to fit your own processes. The software guides medical professionals intuitively, safely, and quickly to their goal.

Interoperable via HL7 v2 & FHIR

As a web-based application, PGXperts PRiM guarantees efficient integration into your existing IT infrastructure and clinical processes.

Drug therapy safety review for safe and personalised medication

Drug therapy safety review at every step of the medication process: Interactions between drugs, food, genetics and risk factors such as age, gender, allergies, kidney and liver function.

Integration into the telematics infrastructure

PGXperts PRiM supports the connection into the telematic infrastructure and thus the creation of the standardized medication plan, eMP and e-prescription.

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With our digital medication management system, we offer customised solutions for your hospital to increase drug therapy safety.