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Focus group sessions in summer 2024

Our Objective

What are we aiming for?

We have developed in very close collaboration with hospital doctors, pharmacists and general practitioners PGXperts, a comprehensive prescribing decision support system. It is designed to include pharmacogenetics in the existing medication prescription workflow informing on a range of interactions including drug-gene, drug-drug and drug-food.

PGXperts contributes to enhancing the quality of life of patients and reduce healthcare costs associated with adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and side effects. PGXperts is now in use in 12 hospitals in Germany and we would like to bring it’s benefits to the UK Healthcare System.

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General information

  • Sessions planned for summer 2024
  • Conducted as an online event
  • Two focus groups consisting of eight experts each
  • Sessions will consume up to 3.5 hours